The Denning Montessori School seeks to offer young children the very best nursery education possible. Since 1991 we have been in existence under the same leadership, we have never stopped seeking improvement in everything that we do, and we never will. We remain continually open to new ideas, to progress, and to continual learning and development.

We seek to be a world class beacon of excellence in early years’ education, driven by a deep desire to make a difference. We strive to be true leaders in nurture. We have a strong sense of the outcomes we seek to achieve; happy, confident children, with a love of learning, good social and interpersonal skills to enable them to thrive in their continuing education and in life, with high self-esteem.

Our staff are bonded by and ethos of service, and a deep desire to do the best for each single child and a love of the work that we do. We will always strive to work in close partnership with parents to ensure that we work together as a team, to achieve the best experiences and outcomes.

We strongly believe in the Montessori philosophy and values, which are at the heart of what we do.

Our focus will always be quality of quantity; we have no desire for expansion. We also fervently believe in the importance of the outdoors to the children’s learning experience, which includes our forest school and regular nature walks, as well as play and activity in our extensive garden areas.